Kimchi & Pureed Soybean Stew

Introducing a dynamic-duo combo of kimchi and soybean to provide a rich flavor of spice and umami.

We used “Haetae Kimchi & Pureed Soybean Stew” and tweaked the dish to make you and your spoon come back for more! For the secret ingredient, we used special grade soy sauce with “ Red Snow Crab Soy Sauce” to make this dish more savory and delicious.
Your rice is feeling FOMO and would love to join in on this flavorful party and make this a delectable trio

  • Haetae Kimchi & Pureed Soybean Stew1 pkg
  • Red Snow Crab Soy Sauce2 tbsp / 1 oz
  • Fresh Ground Pork200 g
  • Green Onion1 stalk / 25 g


1.Cook ground pork (1 cup) and stir often.

2.Once pork is cooked, add "Red Snow Crab Soy Sauce" (1-2 tbsp).

3.Pour in Haetae Kimchi & Pureed Soybean Stew package.

4.Garnish stew with green onions and serve.

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