GABA Rice Ball

Jumeok-bap (aka Korean Rice Ball) is a common food item to pack for picnics that can be eaten as a light meal or a snack!

Another iconic yet simple food!
The base ingredients for a Jumeok-bap is rice, seaweed, and seasoned veggies. Our recipe is simple without compromising on flavor or nutrition. We used brown rice rich in amino acids to improve cognition while you’re munching away on a busy day.
You can add more ingredients to customize and explore tasty varieties of Jumeok-bap. Try out this recipe if you ever need a quick meal!

  • Korean Map Seasoned Laver2 pieces / 6 grams
  • GABA Rich Brown Rice1 bowl / 210 grams
  • Beksul Vegetable Furikake1 package


1.Cook GABA rich brown rice for 5 minutes

2.Mix the rice with sesame oil, Beksul furikake, salt, and shredded seasoned laver.

3.Mold into bite-sized rice balls.

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