The Ultimate Street Food
Tteokbokki & Mandu

Another dynamic duo collab: Crispy and Chewy!
Spicy Rice Cakes and Fried Dumpling, a paring of traditional Korean street food.

Tteokbokki: A fiery, mouthwatering sauce that has an addicting pain that makes you come back for more. Deep-fried Mandu: Crispy and light dumplings filled with savory meat and veggies.
If you can’t handle the heat of tteokbokki, add some cheese to the sauce to reduce the spiciness while having cheesy goodness to every bite. As a tip, dip your dumplings in the rich spicy sauce of tteokbokki.
In short on time? Zion's got ready-to-eat meal kits with "Tokki Meal Tteokbokki" and Sweet Potato Pot Stickers

  • Tokki Meal Tteokbokki1 pkg
  • Sweet Potato Vermicelli Potstickers5-7 pieces
  • Eggs2 pieces


1.Pour warm water to rice cake to defrost.

2.Add 300 ml of water w/ sauce and rice cake.

3.Add sliced fish cakes once the sauce boils.

4.Cook until rice cake is tender (5-7 min).

5.Pan-fry Sweet Potato Vermicelli Potstickers and serve with the spicy rice cake.

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