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Let's take a look at the position of the midfield. The location of the midfield is the name suggests that it is some players in the middle of the entire cheap nfl jerseys supply site. This position is called the midfield. We also often tell a sentence, called the midfielder to get the world.cheap authentic nfl jerseys china Because the ball is in the position of this midfield, it is the boundary line of the two teams. At this time, I can mention the other wholesale cheap nfl jerseys shooting area, or to play my own football shot, this is a control. This control is critical to the entire game.

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The midfield is also very important and very complicated in the cheap nfl jerseys supply match. This location is a key location that two teams will compete. Because when the control power of the ball falls, the key is to rely on this position. The duties of the midfield are particularly much, and can be divided into dozens of positions of the middle and long and middle and long and long and long. This division can be divided into a midfielder defensive and midfield attack. Because in the middle of this location, if you are in a defensive location, it is to prevent the other party from kicking the ball to your area. But if you have the right to control this wholesale cheap nfl jerseys, you belong to an offensive. Your goal is to kick the ball into the other party's goal. So this area is actually more complicated. Generally speaking, the captain of each team will make a more detailed analysis and discussion when developing a game plan with the game tactics. The defensive midfield can give him a name,cheap authentic nfl jerseys china called the middle waist. Because this place is like our waist, it is an excessive role that is underway. Attack is called the front waist. Mid-field players need a very smart mind because of this moment, the famous midfielder includes these, the first one is Qida, the second is Harvey, the third is Maclai, etc. These players play a particularly obvious advantage in the midfield, and they have not changed in multiple games. Because this location needs not only physical fitness, more is the flexibility and control of brain. This also requires a certain game experience will play outstanding in the middle.

Next, let's take a look at the forward, the striker is better understood, because the forward is in front, fight with us, he is a very flexible player.cheap nfl jerseys supply He is like an offensive system in a game. The current tactics of the offensive system, the more of our market is 433 formation, so the striker is in this form of triangular shape. Because it is the triangle, the striker can be divided into left front, right forward and center,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys all players put on the jersey, if this hand is a striker, its position number will generally be at 10 or No. 11 . The most famous triangle striker is Messi, as well as Shuhai Lei and Nemar. These people have a variety of different tactics in the game, sometimes 423 tactics. The position of these two strikes in front will be particularly prominent. For example, in 2017, in Paris, the two people were injured,cheap authentic nfl jerseys china but they were still as forwarders. The best striker is Messi and C Luo.

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Next, give you ten fouls of cheap nfl jerseys supply. Of course, in the game of football, there are many cases, he will have violations and fouls. Because of the wholesale cheap nfl jerseys competition, it is a relatively sharp group confrontation and technical confrontation competition. In the process of foul, there must be a referee whistle. Let's take a look at what is common in foul rules. When we know these foul rules, we are very clear why the referee will whistle, why is a player who will be a red card, why do he get a red card? Because the cheap authentic nfl jerseys china match is a very fierce sports competition, in the game, some is human intention, some are unintentional, but these are fouled.