Jjajang Fried Rice

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Trip to China - Jjajang Fried Rice: A dish based on Korean & Chinese fusion.

Introducing a flavorful dish of Jjamppong and fried rice with black bean sauce! Another iconic food craving you can have at the comfort of your home. Fried rice: Savory crispy rice as a staple food pairing for soups and sauces Jjajang: Thick umami-rich sa

  • Ottogi Black Bean Sauce Mix4 tbsp
  • Ottogi Shrimp Fried Rice1 pack
  • Ottogi Beijing Jjambbong Ramen1 pack
  • Seafood Mix100 g
  • Potato3 oz
  • Carrot1 oz
  • Onion3 oz
  • Cabbage4 oz


1.Cut vegetables in cubes

2.Mix Jjajang powder (4tbsp) & water (4tbsp)

3.Sautu00e9 vegetables for 5-7min and add 1 1/2 cup of water

4.Add Jjajang powder mix and reduce until sauce thickens.

5.Sautu00e9 100g of seafood mix. Add the fried rice to seafood mix.

6.Pour Jjajang sauce on the side of seafood fried rice.

7.Pair with Ottogi Beijing Jjambbong Ramen soup, cooked with seafood mix.

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