The Ultimate Street Food - Tteokbokki & Mandu

Tteokbokki: A fiery, mouthwatering sauce that has an addicting pain that makes you come back for more.
aka Korean Rice Ball
GABA Rice Ball
a combo of kimchi and soybean
Kimchi & Pureed Soybean Stew
warm soup on a cold rainy day
Shrimp Tempura Udon
The Ultimate Street Food
Tteokbokki & Mandu
celebrate a brand new year with
Tteok Guk
Korean stir-fried glass noodles
Mushroom Japchae
Tender and juicy braised pork ribs
Pork Galbi Jjim
A variety of rice and healthy grains
Rice Medley & Fish Dish Variety
crispy and fluffy Korean pancakes
Mushroom & Sesame Leaf Jeon
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