Pork Galbi Jjim

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Tender and juicy Korean braised pork ribs. KBBQ in the form of a stew.

Ever craved KBBQ but in the form of a stew? Enjoy our recipe for Tender and juicy Korean braised pork ribs! (Galbi Jjim)

  • Pork Ribs1 pkg
  • Lee Hyejung's Secret Coin2-3 pcs
  • Maeil Soy Sauce w/Kelp1/3 cup
  • Shitake Mushroom2 pcs
  • Beksul Oligo Syrup3 tbsp
  • CJ Cooking Sauce3 tbsp


1.Soak pork ribs in cold water for about 1 hour

2.Cut carrots, mushroom, onion, radish into large dice

3.Cook pork with the marinade for about 30 min: Secret Coin (2-3 pcs), soy sauce (1/3 cup), water (1/3 cup), sugar (3 tbsp), garlic (2tbsp), sesame oil (2tbsp), Cooking syrup (3tbsp).

4.Add vegetables and cook until tender (add more water if necessary)

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