Mushroom & Sesame Leaf Jeon Recipe

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Another foodie idea to try the brand new year: Hearty stuffed mushrooms and korean savory pancakes!

Enjoy the light crispyness and fluffy texture of Korean pancakes (jeon)! With a variety of ingredients to make numerous jeons, this dish can be enjoyed as a side dish or as snacks as you crack open a cold one with the gang. At its core, jeon is typically

  • Sesame Leaves10 pcs
  • Country Eggs1 pc
  • Shitake Mushroom7 pcs
  • Korean Pancake Mix 2 tbsp/ 15g
  • Ground Pork500 g


1.Coat flour inside of sesame leaf and shiitake mushroom.

2.Mix ground pork with onions, carrots, flour, green onion, salt, and pepper.

3.Stuff ground pork mixture inside sesame leaf and shiitake mushroom.

4.Coat food with flour and egg then pan fry.

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