Lobstick Perilla Leaf Eggroll

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Here’s a low-carb, high-protein dish: Korean Eggroll with Lobstick & Perilla Leaf!

We decided to take the humble egg’s versatility to provide you a quick and easy dish you can add to your culinary repertoire. Enjoy a light and fluffy egg with delicious umami-rich lobster meat and perilla leaf that pairs nicely with your rice! An ico

  • Lobstick2 pieces
  • Sesame leaf3 pieces
  • Egg4 pieces
  • Salt1 tbsp


1.Slice lobsticks (2 pieces) into half.

2.Mix eggs (4 pieces) with salt (1 tsp).

3.Let the eggs go through the strainer.

4.Cook eggs in low heat, and lay down sesame leaves (3 pieces) with lobsticks on the top and roll. Repeat the process until cooked.

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