Seafood Rosé Tteokbokki

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Introducing the evolution of the classic Korean spicy tteokbokki: Seafood Rosé Tteokbokki!

It’s the perfect choice when you’re looking for that seafood umami and creamy fix with a slight kick. The secret is the depth of seafood flavors and the addition of milk/cream and cheese, which pairs well to tame the spicy fiery sauce of tteokbokki while

  • Dongwon Cheese Tteokbokki1 package
  • Milk8 oz
  • Eomuk (Fish cake)3 oz
  • Shrimp5 pieces
  • Onion3 oz
  • Broccoli2 oz
  • Seafood Mix3 oz
  • Garlic5 pieces
  • Cheese1 oz


1.Chop broccoli (2 oz), onion (3 oz), fish cake (3 oz).

2.Saute garlic cloves (5 pieces) in oil for 3~5 minutes until garlic is golden brown.

3.Add onion, seafood mix (3 oz), fish cake and shrimp (5 pieces).

4.Add broccoli.

5.Add milk (8 oz), spicy sauce (1 packet), and cheese (1 oz).

6.Add rice cake (1 packet).

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