Bulgogi Meatball

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Enjoy this Bulgogi Meatball without having to fire up the grill

When you want to add just the right amount of sweetness to your meatballs and savory umami to your rice, bulgogi meatballs is the solution. CJ Bulgogi Marinade and CJ Rice Seasoning are the secret ingredients to adding depths of flavor to your meatballs a

  • CJ Bulgogi Marinade2 tbsp
  • CJ Bread Crumbs2 tbsp
  • CJ Rice Seasoning1 packet
  • CJ Het Ban (Instant Rice)1 package
  • Fresh Ground Beef8 oz
  • Green Onion1 oz


1.Mix ground beef (8oz), bread crumbs (4oz), bulgogi sauce (1tbsp) and shape them into 1 1/2 inch meatballs

2.Heat up rice (1 package)

3.Add rice seasoning (1 packet).

4.Place meatballs on top of rice and enjoy!

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