Coconut Curry Donkatsu

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Imagine steamy, fragrant coconut curry pouring over your donkatsu. Katsu dishes aren’t so hard to make at home anymore!

An easy way to enhance your donkatsu dish is adding coconut curry, which can easily be made with Chungjungone’s Curry package and Pork Loin Cutlet package. Add coconut milk and some healthy vegetables to the mix, your donkatsu will now be full of soft, ri

  • Chungjungone Rich Curry of Roasted Garlic and Onion1 pack
  • Chungjungone Pork Loin Cutlet1 package
  • JFC Coconut milk8 oz
  • Potato1/2 piece
  • Onion1/3 piece
  • Carrot1/3 piece


1.Cube vegetables into bite size.

2.Boil vegetables and pour curry paste and coconut milk until cooked (10-15 min).

3.Fry cutlet.

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