Donkatsu Combo

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Take a small flavor-trip to Japan with little Zindo’s Donkatsu combo recipe

Juicy pork cutlet and crispy panko layered with tangy sweet pork cutlet sauce. Hearty cream soup that is rich and filling. Light crunchy salad with a zesty dressing

  • Ottogi Pork Loin Fritter1 pkg
  • Ottogi Ketchup1 tbsp
  • Ottogi Mayonnaise2 tbsp
  • Ottogi Sauce for Pork Cutlet5 tbsp
  • Ottogi Cream Soup80 g
  • Cabbage4 oz
  • Sugar1 tbsp
  • Parsleylittle


1.Slice 4 oz of cabbage into shreds.

2.Make mayochup (2 tbsp mayo, 1 tbsp ketchup).

3.Mix Ottogi Cream Soup powder with 1/3 cups of COLD water. Pour soup mix into boiling water and reduce heat.

4.Fry Donkatsu until golden brown. Garnish with parsley and Pork Cutlet Sauce.

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