Sausage Rosé Tteokbokki

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East meets West with a new rendition: Rosé Tteokbokki!

A perfect balance of creamy umami with a spicy kick, this dish is great for any get-together or meal at home. The cream tames the spiciness of the tteokbokki and adds a rich layer while the sausages impart a savory, smoky flavor.

  • Ottogi Rice Tteokbokki1 package
  • Chopped Parsley1/2 bunch
  • Cream2 cups
  • Sausage links6 oz


1.Score sausage

2.Boil 2 cups of cream

3.Put tteokbokki sauce

4.Cook 1 package of tteokbokki and sausages until softened


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