Young Summer Radish Bibimbap

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The classic and tasty bibimbap got even better with Ottogi's easy squeezy bibim sauce bottle

Bibimbap is a Korean dish that translates to "mixed rice". With rice and gochujang as the base, this meal can be paired with numerous delicious colors and flavors of Korean banchan. Just simply add your chosen ingredients and mix them together! For meat

  • Ottogi Bibimjang2 tbsp
  • Yeolmu Kimchi6 oz
  • Ottogi Instant Rice1 pack
  • Eggs1


1.Heat up instant rice.

2.Chop kimchi into bite-size pieces.

3.Fry eggs sunny side up.

4.Assemble all ingredient and mix with sauce.

5.Sprinkle ground sesame on top and Enjoy!

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