Shabu Kalguksu

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Did you know Bibigo’s Spicy Mushroom Kalguksu can easily turn into a shabu shabu starter pack?

Enfuse the broth with some thinly sliced shabu beef, mushroom, and greens and add in kalguksu noodles later to the enriched broth to enjoy the full shabu experience!
Get as much shabu ingredients and meat as you want from Zion Market!

  • Bibigo Spicy Mushroom Kalguksu1 pack
  • Beef (For Shabu Shabu)12 oz
  • Mushrooms12 oz
  • Soy Sauce
  • Wasabi


1.Boil water and add sauce packet to make broth.

2.Slice mushrooms

3.Cook beef and mushroom in soup and eat as shabu shabu.

4.Cook noodles and rest of beef and mushrooms

5.Top with some crown daisies (Ssukgat) and eat it as kalguksu!

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