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Add some heat to your dish with Ottogi's spicy JalapeƱo Ketchup!

Served with fried rice and topped with fluffy eggs, our Omurice (omelet rice) recipe incorporates spicy ketchup to ensure you get the classic and nostalgic flavors of ketchup with a spicy kick.
Add simple yet humble ingredients such as sausage, onions,

  • Ottogi Jalapeu00f1o Ketchup3 tbsp
  • Ottogi Instant Rice1 pack
  • Sausage6 oz
  • Eggs2
  • Onion6 oz
  • Jalapeu00f1o, Broccoli (deco)
  • Tomato (deco)


1.Dice onion and sausage.

2.Stir-fry onion, sausage and rice with ketchup

3.Set the fried rice aside when it's done.

4.Cook scrambled eggs on low heat, add fried rice in the middle of the eggs.

5.Cover rice with the eggs and make a football shape.

6.Top with ketchup and enjoy!

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