Spicy rice cakes w/hot dog cheese ball

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Here’s a fun twist to a classic Korean street food dish!

This soupy version of tteokbokki uses more broth and sauce, making more room for delicious toppings. Add anchovy extract and green onions for a deeper flavor and refreshing taste! Our version also adds cheddar-mozzarella hot dog bits and mozzarella cheese

  • Pulmuone Tteokbokki1 package
  • Pulmuone Cheddar Mozzarella Hot Dog1 piece
  • Pulmuone Mozzarella Cheese Balls5 pieces
  • Green Onions2 oz
  • Wide Sweet Potato Noodles2 oz


1.Soak the clear noodles for about 10 minutes.

2.Cook Tteokbokki package according to the package.

3.Add green onion in the Tteokbokki

4.Add soaked clear noodles in the Tteokbokki

5.Air fry cheese hotdog and cheese ball for 5minutes and turn it over and cook for 5 minutes additionally.

6.Cut hotdog and cheese balls and enjoy with Tteokbokki!

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