Assorted Jeon

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Variety is the spice of life and the same goes for food!

Enjoy a teeming platter of assorted Korean fritters and savory pancakes that is a crowd-pleaser to all.

Zion Market's got the jeon starter pack to get you going:

  • Dongwon Seafood Mini Patties1 package
  • Bibigo Beef Patties1 package
  • Ottogi Kimchi Pancake Mix1 package
  • Ottogi Mung Bean Pancake Mix1 package
  • Cooking Oil1 tbsp
  • Perilla Leaves2 leaves


1.Mix mung bean pancake according to the package. (3 1/2 cups of water for 1 package)

2.Mix kimchi pancake according to the package. (1 cup water for 1 package)

3.Fry mung bean pancakes until golden brown. Garnish with red and green pepper.

4.Fry kimchi pancakes until golden brown.

5.Defrost and fry Bibigo Beef Patties

6.Defrost and fry Dongwon Seafood Mini Patties


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