Rice Cake Skewers

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Ditch that chewy rice cake for some crispy and crunchy fun!

Y'all been stuck eating the same traditional soft rice cakes~ It's time to venture out to explore flavors in the realm of textures! Rice Cake Skewers is a Korean street food that combines all the familiar flavors of spice and gochujang but with the adde

  • Suncheon Maeil Red Pepper Paste3 tbsp
  • Ottogi Ketchup2 tbsp
  • Sweet Chili Sauce1 tbsp
  • Tteokbokki Rice Cakes8 oz
  • Sausage8 oz


1.Make skewers with rice cake and sausage.

2.Fry skewers until golden brown

3.Make sauce with ketchup and sweet chili.

4.Coat skewer with the sauce.

5.Garnish with sesame and enjoy!

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