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You bite the chicken, and the chicken bites back with some heat!

Featuring our juicy grilled chicken with gochujang mayo topped with a crisp cabbage slaw~ Enjoy every single bite smothered with the delicious umami mayo mixed with complexity of spice and flavors from the gochujang! Zion's got you covered with your goch

  • Suncheon Maeil Red Pepper Paste1 tbsp
  • Mayo3 tbsp
  • Cabbage2 oz
  • Sandwich bread1 oz
  • Onion4 oz
  • Chicken breast1 oz
  • Sliced green onions2 oz


1.Season chicken breast with salt (1 tbsp), pepper (1 tsp), italian seasoning (2 tsp), paprika (1 tsp) and olive oil (1 tbsp)

2.Grill and cook chicken breast until 165F internal temperature

3.Make gochujang mayo.

4.Slice cabbage, onion, and green onions and top it on a bun

5.Assemble the sandwich with grilled chicken, gochujang mayo sauce, and a bun


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