OCTOpus Sausage Yubuchobap

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Easy to make but so rewarding, the Octopus Yubu Chobap is a special twist to your usual yubu chobap!

Let the festivities begin!
For this Halloween Season, why don't you make a cute and fun snack for yourself or a suprise lunchbox for family and friends as a twist? Easy to make but so rewarding, nice twist to your usual yubu chobap

  • Pulmuone Yubu1 packet
  • Sausage 1 packet
  • Black sesame seeds1 tsp
  • Sliced cheddar cheese1 slice
  • Chives 1 bunch
  • rice1 pack


1.Cut the sausage in half and score bottom half like octopus legs.

2.Pan fry sausage and pour hot water on chives.

3.Place black sesame seed and cheese like octopus face.

4.Season rice with seasoning packet.

5.Fill rice in yubu pouch

6.Place octo-sausage and wrap with chives.


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