Smoked Duck Radish Wraps

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Refreshing Korean radish wrap paired with colorful vegetables and tender duck meat!

The richness of the smoked duck and the crispness of the vegetables are sure to please your taste buds! For the wrap, go with rice paper for a hint of savory flavor and chewy texture, and go with the radish slices for sweet and tangy notes!

  • CJW Peanut Rice Paper Sauce1 package
  • CJW Vietnamese Rice Paper Sauce1 package
  • CJW Honey Mustard1 package
  • Cucumber1 count
  • Bell pepper1 count
  • Joowon Smoked Duck2 oz
  • Radish sprouts1 bunch
  • Chives1/2 bunch
  • Pickled Radish1 package


1.Cut cucumber, bell peppers, radish sprouts.

2.Sear duck.

3.Pour hot water on top of chives.

4.Wrap the duck and vegetables with a radish slice/rice paper and tie the wrap with chives.


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