Teddy Bear Yubu Chobap

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A Finger-Food party for the family to enjoy!

Snack on some cute food art with our teddybear-style Yubu! Yubu is a classic dish with seasoned rice packed into marinated fried bean curd (tofu) to form a soft savory-sweet goodness!

  • Pulmuone Yubu1 pack
  • Seaweed nori1 sheet
  • American Cheese1 slice
  • Swiss Cheese1 slice
  • Rice1 pack
  • A big straw!


1.Mix rice with yubu seasoning.

2.Stuff yubu with rice

3.Cut the seaweed (nose), American cheese (ears), and Swiss cheese (eye and nose) with a straw and assemble them as a cute bear face on top of yubu.


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