Gochujang Sujebi

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Introducing a teaser of our Suncheon specialty ingredients at Zion!

Enjoy some authentic Suncheon gochujang and doenjang to have as Korean staple ingredients for your kitchen! Our recipe features Sujebi: Korean hand-torn noodle soup!
Enjoy a hearty and clean broth with the addition of our Suncheon ingredients to add

  • Gochujang2 tbsp
  • Soybean paste1 tbsp
  • Sujebi pack1 pack
  • Sesame Seed Powder1 pack
  • Tuna/ anchovy extract1/2 tbsp
  • Soy sauce1/2 tbsp
  • Zucchini4 oz
  • Potato5 oz
  • Onion1/2
  • Green onion2 oz
  • Peppers1-2 pieces


1.Prep and cut all the vegetables.

2.Add water and make broth with gochujang and soybean paste.

3.Boil broth and add vegetables

4.When vegetables soften add the Sujebi

5.Add perilla seed powder packet.


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