Shrimp Curry Udon

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Thick, chewy noodles soaked in the rich and creamy flavors of shrimp curry.

This Korean curry udon will instantly satisfy both your curry and noodle cravings at once. Even better, this fragrant and satisfying meal only takes FIVE MINUTES to throw together - perfect for a cold, busy weeknight!

  • Ottogi Curry Powder3 tbsp
  • Udon Noodles1 pack
  • Shrimp5 pieces
  • Milk2 cups
  • Onion2 oz


1.Add 2 cups of milk to pot.

2.Add 3 tbsp of curry powder.

3.Stir pot and bring mixture to a boil.

4.Add onion.

5.Add shrimp.

6.Once shrimp is cooked half way, add udon noodles and cook until tender.


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