Spicy Chicken Gizzard Stir Fry

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Enjoy Spicy Chicken Gizzard at home! This delicacy is a popular dish found in many Korean bars.

The spicy and savory sauce and the chewy texture of the meat will satisfy your taste buds and have you craving for more! With Wang Pocha's Spicy Chicken Gizzard package, now you can enjoy a night in! Toss your favorite vegetables in the stir fry to balanc

  • Wang Pocha Spicy Chicken Gizzard1 packet
  • Cabbage1 oz
  • Onion1 oz
  • Green onion2 stalks
  • Jalapeu00f1o1 piece


1.Slice cabbage, onion, green onion, carrots, and jalapeu00f1o.

2.Saute onion and carrot until translucent.

3.Stir fry chicken gizzard for about 5-8 min until chicken gizzard is almost cooked.

4.Add cabbage, green onion, and jalapeno and cook another 1-2 min.


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