Shrimp Tempura Udon

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Some warm Shrimp Udon is a perfect ready-to-eat meal kit on a cold rainy day

Craving some warm soup on a cold rainy day but you can’t go out to eat? Zion’s got another ready-to-eat meal kit with some Shrimp Udon!We got not one but TWO bowls of udon for you and your friend (or more food just for you!).

  • Chef's Dining Shrimp Tempura Udon1 package
  • Red Snow Crab Soy Sauce1 tbsp / 1 oz
  • Chopy Suey Green25 grams
  • Pink Oden2 slices
  • Sliced Red Pepper10 grams


1.Remove fried shrimp from package and heat udon using a microwave.

2.Pan-fry the shrimp separately in a pan.

3.Season with

4.Finish the dish w/ fried shrimp on top!

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