Ever feel like your soup is almost good, but something is missing, and you just can't tell what it is?

Soup is all about the broth, and our secret to rich broth is Big Mama's Secret Coin Stock.
With 18 natural ingredients such as anchovies, kelp, pollack and clam pressed into a coin shaped tablet, all you have to do is to pop one of the Secret Coin Stoc

  • Frozen Octopus2 pcs
  • Big Mama's Secret Coin Stock2 pcs
  • Clams7 oz
  • Radish1/2
  • Minari 1 bunch
  • Big green onion1/3 stalk
  • Tofu1 pack
  • Red pepper2 pcs
  • Crown daisy1/2 bunch

Don’t have these ingredients? No worries!



step 1

1. Cut radish, minari, crown daisy, tofu, red peppers to bite sized pieces

step 2

2. Boil water (600ml) with packaged stock then put radish and clams and boil for about 5-7 min

step 3

3. Add rest of the ingredients including the octopus and boil for additional 2 min

step 4

4. Enjoy!

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