The Ultimate Street Food
Tteokbokki & Mandu

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Another dynamic duo collab: Crispy and Chewy!
Spicy Rice Cakes and Fried Dumpling, a paring of traditional Korean street food.

Tteokbokki: A fiery, mouthwatering sauce that has an addicting pain that makes you come back for more. Deep-fried Mandu: Crispy and light dumplings filled with savory meat and veggies.If you can’t handle the heat of tteokbokki, add some cheese to the sau

  • Tokki Meal Tteokbokki1 pkg
  • Sweet Potato Vermicelli Potstickers5-7 pieces
  • Eggs2 pieces


1.Pour warm water to rice cake to defrost.

2.Add 300 ml of water w/ sauce and rice cake.

3.Add sliced fish cakes once the sauce boils.

4.Cook until rice cake is tender (5-7 min).

5.Pan-fry Sweet Potato Vermicelli Potstickers and serve with the spicy rice cake.

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