Spicy Pollack Stew

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Everyone has their own comfort food. For you, it might be the good ol' Spicy Pollack Stew!

It's easy to make your own Spicy Pollack Stew. First, boil pollack and bite-size radish in water. Then add the secret sauce -- just soy sauce, chili flakes, gochujang, soybean paste, and chopped garlic mixed together. After 5-8 minutes, add tofu, green on

  • Frozen pollack1 lb
  • Kwangchaenae chili flakes1 tbsp
  • Radish300 g
  • Green onions100 g
  • Minari150 g
  • Chopped garlic1 tbsp
  • Instant rice1 pack
  • Tofu1/2 pack
  • Soy sauce4 tbsp
  • Gochujang1 tbsp
  • Jalapeno100 g
  • Soybean paste1/2 tbsp
  • Crown daisy100 g

Don’t have these ingredients? No worries!



1. Cut veggies into bite size

2. Thaw pollock (if frozen, thaw with running water)

3. Boil radish and pollock

4. Mix sauce (soy sauce, chili flakes, gochujang, soybean paste, garlic)

5. Add 2/3 of the sauce to the pot

6. Boil for 5-8 min until fish is cooked then add tofu, green onion, jalapeu00f1o

7. Top with minari and crown daisy right before serving and enjoy!

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