Roll your own California handroll! While California Hand Roll seems fancy and difficult to make, we brought you an easy recipe to follow at home!

Now you can serve your friends and family the delicious California handroll OR make it with them! All you need is pickled radish, crab, seaweed, cucumber, radish sprout, and avocado. After mixing rice with salt, sugar, and vinegar to get that sushi rice f

  • Haitai Yellow Pickled Radish8oz sliced
  • Dongwon Imitation Crab meat8oz
  • Seaweed8-10 pcs
  • Cucumber1 pc
  • Avocado1/2 pc
  • Radish sprout1/3 pack
  • Masago4 tbsp
  • Rice1 pack
  • Salt1/2 tbsp
  • Sugar1/2 tbsp
  • Vinegar1.5 tbsp

Don’t have these ingredients? No worries!



step 1

1. Slice pickled radish, cucumber, and avocado thinly and cut crab sticks into halves.

step 2

2. Heat rice and mix salt, sugar, and vinegar

step 3

3. To assemble each roll, hold a piece of seaweed, scoop rice onto the left side of the rectangle and flatten it out. Then add veggies and crab on top of rice. Filling should be at a diagonal, running from the top left corner to the bottom center of the seaweed.

step 4

4. Fold the bottom left corner of the seaweed over the filling to form a cone shape.

step 5

5. Display on a plate and enjoy!

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