Mushroom Japchae

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The iconic Korean stir-fried glass noodle (Japchae) can now be enjoyed at the comfort of your home

No more waiting for side-dish refills at a Korean restaurant to satisfy your Japchae cravings! Zion's got the solution just for you with some of Bibigo's Mushroom Japchae.
Our japchae is filled with mushrooms and veggies with a flavorful savory umami

  • Bibigo Mushroom Japchae1 pkg
  • Shiitake Mushroom3 pcs/15 g
  • Bell Peppers30 g
  • Maeil Soy Sauce w/Kelp2 tbsp/15 g


1.Heat up ingredients accordingly to the Bibigo Mushroom Japchae package.

2.Add more toppings such as mushrooms and bell pepper for garnish.

3.Add Maeil Soy Sauce with Kelp according to your taste.

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