Fancy up your sushi game with the Vienna Sausage Roll!

Rather than having sashimi with your sushi, we came up with the idea of having vienna sausage! Now everyone (who can't have raw food) can enjoy this! This recipe is perfect to add to your bento ideas as well! Let us know if you like it!

  • CJ Instant Rice 1 pack
  • Chung Jung One Berkshire Pork sausage10 pcs
  • Eggs2 pcs
  • Seaweed sheet1 sheet
  • Sesame oil1 tbsp

Don’t have these ingredients? No worries!



step 1

1. Cook vienna sausage for about 2 min on a pan, then cut it in half lengthwise

step 2

2. Mix rice with vegetable seasoning

step 3

3. Make egg sheets and cut it into a similar size as sausage

step 4

4. Cut nori into thin strips

step 5

5. Make bit size rice rolls

step 6

6. Put eggs on top, then sausage, and wrap them with seaweed sheet

step 7

7. Enjoy!

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